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Aurea Stone

Aurea stone is a quartz that has the appearance of natural marble. Offering the stain resistance of quartz surfaces with the beauty of marble that has a long historical record of acceptance in many cultures around the world. Marble is a very popular material for many uses including:

  • Architecture
  • Flooring
  • Countertops
  • Vanities
  • Sculptures

Since marble is a widely accepted material and the beauty is virtually universal, it is no surprise that that Aurea Stone has come into existence. The quartz material is engineered to resemble various popular marble slabs. Among the colors available are the following:

  • Dinergy
  • Divine
  • Epitome
  • Lincoln
  • Paragon
  • Phidias
  • Sfumato

Among the features listed by Aurea Stone you will find many reasons to consider this material as your quartz surface. One of them is its translucency. Aurea Stone mimics natural stone in this aspect of color and light.

Another listed feature of Aurea engineered quartz is the whiter color it offers over other quartz materials.

These are just a couple of specific features promoted by Aurea Stone, but they list many others. As mentioned in other areas of this site, each quartz brand will offer specific benefits. However, when it come to fabricating and installing quartz surfaces, you will need to know which fabrication products to use.

Fabricating Aurea Stone Quartz

If you are a fabricator looking to add this quartz surface to your materials list, you may be researching supplies, tools, glue, etc. There are a number of quartz fabrication products available for fabricators that want to provide fabrication services. Some potential customers include quartz designers and/or home owners and even big box home improvement stores. Let's consider some equipment you may need to fabricate Aurea Stone quartz.

Quartz Cartridge Glue

There are a couple of important things to consider when you select a cartridge glue for quartz. Especially if you are going to be providing fabrication and installation services for customers. One thing you want is a cartridge adhesive that offers quality. Another consideration is the color matching of the glue you choose. We recommend Multibond cartridge glue for quartz installations. You can find a color match designed to work with specific quartz materials. For example, if you want to install Aurea Stone Divine, Multibond Casper is the recommended match for it.

Diamond Tooling

Glue cartridges are not the only supplies you will need when you fabricate quartz. Diamond tooling will also be a requirement. So it is wise to choose a supplier for your tools. Here are some diamond tools you will need to consider:

  • Bridge Saw Blades
  • Small Diamond Blades
  • Diamond Core Bits
  • CNC Core Bits

Many of the diamond tools needed for fabricating engineered quartz surfaces are available through Weha USA distribution channels.

Polishing Pads for Quartz

Another piece of equipment that is necessary for working with Aurea Stone as well as any engineered quartz surface is polishing tools. Depending on your preference, you will want to select the appropriate type of polishing pads. There are a number of different kinds of pads available and they are sold in 3, 5, and 7 step systems. GranitePolishingPads.net is an informational website dedicated to polishing pads for stone. You can browse all sorts of polishing pads for quartz on the site.

If you are interested in fabricating quartz surfaces, or you are currently a quartz fabrication professional, keeping up with the information about the various quartz brands will help keep you in touch with your potential customers.