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Cartridge Glue and Rustic Design

It might not be something that you think of when rustic kitchen design is mentioned. But, even down to the glue that is used for the surfaces in a given interior design project, the products used in the fabrication of stone surfaces and other hard materials do play a role. In this article we will look at the kinds of surfaces that are commonly used in rustic design projects and consider some of the cartridges that are designed for working with these.

Elements of Rustic Design

The rustic design style is made up of specific characteristics. Colors, textures, and patterns are contributors to the overall look and feel of rustic design. And it is possible to use a variety of materials in creating a rustic design. In fact, more than one stone material can be used in the same design as a contrast.

Rustic Design Colors

The Rustic Design Style has some colors that are commonly found in designs of this type. Earth tone colors, whether dark or light are one example of the kinds of colors that can be used in a rustic style decor. When creating a room with a rustic design style, you can use a number of materials. Some of these include:

  • Natural Granite
  • Marble
  • Engineered Quartz
  • Sintered Stone
  • Porcelain
  • Lapitec

Additionally, you can select from a range of patterns as well. Let's consider some of the materials and combinations that can be used in the rustic design style and which glues you might choose for the project.

Granite & Rustic Design

One stone type that can be used for putting together rustic designs is granite. Natural granite is available in a number of colors. The stone also has very distinctive patterns that many people find appealing.

When selecting a granite that can be used in your design, it is important that a glue designed for use on this kind of stone be chosen to bond the material. That is where Titanium comes in. Titanium is a cartridge glue for granite slabs and is made especially for fabricators to use to bond natural granite. Rustic design can be achieved using granite. But that is not the only type of stone that can be used.

Rustic Designs Using DEKTON®

DEKTON® surfaces are in a class of materials that are made for a variety of applications. Facades, flooring, countertops, and siding. This material is available in an array of colors and patterns that harmonize with the Rustic Design Style. Let's look some colors of DEKTON® that are commonly used for rustic decor.

Trilium is one of the colors of DEKTON® that is often seen in rustic style room designs. The colors and pattern of the material make it a complimentary surface. When using this color of DEKTON®, be sure you use the right cartridge glue for Dekton Trilium.

Another color of Dekton that is seen in rustic designs is Radium. This pattern of Dekton is very similar to Trilium but it is overall darker in appearance. Radium also has a DEKTON® cartridge glue color that is made to match it.

Lapitec In Rustic Design

Because rustic designs can be based on gray hues or brown hues, Lapitec materials are also great candidates for rustic design projects. With a number of colors in the right color group, Lapitec surfaces are easy to incorporate into the design. If you select a Lapitec slab for your rustic room, be sure you select the proper cartridge glue for Lapitec surfaces.

Rustic Design Textures

Rustic decor not only uses specific color schemes, it also makes good use of textures that are found in nature. This lends itself to many kinds of natural stone surfaces. If you use a marble slab in your design, you will want to choose a good cartridge glue for marble surfaces.

Stone textures are not the only ones used in rustic style kitchens. Wood grain is also a popular texture you will see incorporated into rustic design styles used in home interior designs.

Wood, stone and other natural textures combined with the colors that are used for creating these types of designs can help you to create the most memorable rustic designs and make your space the best rustic style room possible.