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Titanium Granite Cartridge Glue

Titanium cartridge glue is an extra rapid bonding adhesive that is formulated with the latest vinyl ester technology. Titanium glue cartridges are designed for use on a number of stone surfaces and work very well for granite. Titanium is available in a variety of colors and can be used to install counter tops and other granite stone surfaces.

Granite is the stone surface to which all other surfaces are compared. When reading about a non-granite surface, you will find that the surface is compared along side granite. Phrases like, "compared to granite" or "is harder than granite". That means the readers are assumed to know much about granite. And many people do know quite a bit about the material since it has been popular for so long.

The standard in the stone industry is granite. However, you don't want to use just a standard glue. You want to choose glue that is designed to work with the material you are bonding. Titanium is that cartridge glue.

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Titanium and Multibond Cartridge Glue Gun 10:1 250 ML Cartridge Glue Gun

10:1 ratio cartridge glue gun developed to be used with Tenax Titanium and Multibond adhesive cartridges.

MSRP: $78.40