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Cartridge Glue for Quartz

Installing quartz countertops presents some very specific, yet, surmountable challenges. Among this list of challenges is choosing a glue. There are a number of adhesives that are designed to glue various materials. However, which one is the right one for gluing quartz? What should you keep in mind when selecting the right glue for installing a quartz countertop? In this article we will look at some of the things to consider when selecting your quartz adhesive.

Quartz Considerations

One of the biggest things to consider is where the countertop is going to be. Most quartz surfaces are installed indoors and if outside, not in direct sunlight. Why is that the case? Because prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause quartz to fade or lighten. Some professionals say that quartz is UV resistant. But there are cases where quartz surfaces have faded from too much direct sunlight; even when installed indoors.

Of course, it depends on other environmental factors, but there are discussions that show that UV exposure is something to consider when choosing your material.

Another consideration is what brand of quartz you will be installing. This will come in handy when you begin selecting your adhesive as well.

Finally, you will want to know how many seams you are going to have in the finished countertop. This is important because you glue selection will either contribute to a great looking install, or make the seams in the counter more pronounced.

After you have considered the brand, the configuration, and environment in which your surface will be installed, you can begin selecting the adhesive.

Choosing Your Quartz Cartridge Glue

Many factors are involved when it comes to selecting a cartridge glue for quartz. As we have already mentioned, you want to think about the specifics of the material and the installation itself. This is important because you will want an adhesive that will hold up under those specifics. However there are other things to consider when selecting quartz glue for your countertop.

You may be wondering, "Do I have to use cartridge glue?" To answer that question, let's consider some of the benefits of going with cartridge glue over other adhesive products.

Some of the advantages of using cartridge glue for your quartz surface installation include the following:

  1. Many kinds of adhesives are available to purchase and they are often formulated for specific materials.
  2. Cartridge glue can go further than other kinds of adhesive due to its method of dispensing.
  3. Cartridge glues are often times color matched to specific materials and can offer great looking seams.

Let's elaborate on these benefits a little. First, cartridge glue is designed to target specific materials; including quartz. The adhesives on this website each have specific uses in mind. Some glues on CartridgeGlue.com are made specifically for certain materials and others are made for versatility. But, either way it is easy to find a glue cartridge that is designed for your purpose.

Second, cartridges are less wasteful than other glue types. Many of the strong glues require two separate parts be mixed together for the adhesive to bond to quartz surfaces. If the glue is mixed in a container, the adhesive begins curing (getting hard) while it is in the bucket. The cartridge adhesives on this site are all mixed during dispensing. As the 2 parts of the glue travel through the nozzle, they are combined just before the adhesive is dispensed. So, the glue is not sitting in a container curing while you are not using it.

Finally, cartridge glues are color matched to go with the material for which they are designed. You can see this by simply browsing through the various categories. You will see many colors. You can determine which color is a great fit for your quartz surface by using the color matcher to help you find the right quartz glue for your specific material.

Multibond Adhesive Bonds Quartz

As the name suggests, this cartridge glue is designed for use with a variety of materials, including quartz. Multibond adhesive is made in an array of colors formulated to match many of the most popular quartz colors in the industry. Additionally, color matching can be done through the color matching tool. For the reasons mentioned earlier in the article and for the number of quartz surfaces that can be matched, Multibond cartridge glue is a great choice for quartz countertop installation.

Adhesive for Stone & Other Materials

If you are interested in cartridge glue for other materials, you will find here on cartridge glue adhesives for the following materials:

In conclusion, there are many glue products you could use for installing quartz, but selecting a cartridge glue designed for bonding quartz, such as Multibond, you get many advantages including a great color match; which is a key to producing a less noticeable seam. And that contributes to a very appealing install.

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