Tenax has worked very extensively with glue and adhesives for the stone industry for many years. The years of experience enables Tenax to create the absolute best adhesives for all sorts of material. From color matching each and every color of the Mastidek products so they will blend just right with DEKTONĀ® to producing the multi-purpose Multibond cartridge glue designed for various materials.

Not only does Tenax focus on the best Dekton color match glue and multi-purpose adhesive, the company has also created Glaxs adhesive for use on porcelain and ceramic surfaces. The Glaxs line of adhesives offer the perfect bonding formula for gluing these types of materials.

If you have a material that you need to glue, Tenax has produced an adhesive that glues it. Many of the adhesives produced by Tenax are available in cartridge dispensing systems. Those products are featured here on CartridgeGlue.com.

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