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Why Some Prefer White Granite Kitchen Countertops

In addition to the many choices of stone types available for kitchens, one must select a color. After settling on granite as the type of natural stone, some decide to go with a granite in the family of white. What are some of the reasons people make this choice? And how do design trends influence the decision?

White Granite Isn't White

To be clear, when we say "white" granite, we are not talking about granite that is pure white in color. Rather, we are referring to a natural granite stone that appears to be predominately white when looked at form a distance. Granite is multicolored because of the minerals of which it is composed. This invariably makes granite a non-white stone. However, there are some granite colors that are labeled with the word white as part of the name. For example, Alaskan White, Kashmir White, Delicatus Ice, Luna Pearl and Mount Airy are all granites that are white in appearance from a distance. Because of the reputation and durability granite has, these granites, among others as well, are the choice of many. Let's look at some reasons why that is the case.

Design Trends

One of the biggest reasons why white granite is chosen by some is because there are so many design styles that are geared toward white. In fact Here are some quotes from
Decor Interiors that show some references to design styles and their use of white:

Beach house style evokes a light, airy feel, just like the vibe you would get while sitting with your toes buried in the sand. Color palettes are typically drawn from lively coastal hues found in nature, such as sky blue, beige and crisp white.

British Colonial interiors feature lightweight cotton fabric on drapes, curtains and bedding. The most common color palette includes a mix of whites, beiges and browns to produce a subdued and subtle look.

Chippendale style interiors are filled with neutral tones like browns, creamy whites and grays.

A crisp white color palette is common in coastal style, with occasional splashes of blues, greens, aquas and corals. Light is a central element in coastal interior design, therefore, homes feature plenty of glass doors, skylights and windows.

Much like coastal design, cottage interiors evoke a light and airy feel. Instead of heavy drapes, lightweight fabrics such as lace and cotton are used. Weathered woods, distressed paints and a color palette of whites and creams come together to create a warm and welcoming informal home.

Danish style draws influences from modern and contemporary homes. Clean and simple lines... ...Monochromatic neutral tones like stark whites, grays and beiges are used throughout the rest of the home to contrast with the bold-colored accessories.

Farmhouse interiors share similar characteristics to cottage homes. A combination of whites is used on everything from furniture to linens, and the ambiance is warmed up using weathered woods and rustic finishes like oil-rubbed bronze and copper.

French interiors are elegant, sophisticated, refined and ornate. The affluent style relies on soft and subtle shades, like beige and off-white.

Industrial design is characterized by clean open spaces – every room from the kitchen to the basement contains high, spacious loft-like ceilings. Color palettes are kept cool and subdued – you’ll often see a mix of grays, blacks and whites complemented by pops of blues or greens.

Italian interiors are filled with natural hues like off-whites and beiges.

All-white color palettes are also common among the lake house style.

Whites and creams are used throughout the home, and Palladian blue, a greenish-blue soft hue, provides a subtle contrast against white.

Parisian walls are kept white to maximize natural light, and colors used on furniture and decor are darker and richer to create a stark contrast.

Wall-to-wall carpets are rarely seen in Scandinavian homes – instead, hardwood floors are used in every room except the bathroom. The floors are always light in color, as is the rest of the home. Walls are typically either white or gray, and blue textiles are used on sofas, rugs and bedding to bring a splash of color into the home.

Obviously, some design styles are more conducive to white countertops than others, but the idea is that so many design styles work with the "white" granites, they can be used for many projects. So, design trends play a role in why some choose these for the job. But is white such an important color in the design and how does it affect the room?

Large Open Space

One big effect that white has on a room is that it makes the room feel larger than it really is. The brighter and whiter the room, the larger that room feels. Is it any wonder that designers love to make liberal use of white? It can be a very powerful technique in very specific situations.

The Room Is Brighter

Another way that white affects the look and feel of a room is that it brightens it up. using a lot of white in a kitchen or other room can give the room a brightening effect. Making it lighter, brighter, and just overall cheery and upbeat. White is also a great canvas on which to put color so that the color will proverbially "pop", as many people like to express it.

It Feels Clean

Besides its open feeling and spacious appearance, white in design also projects cleanliness. Its fresh, clean feel can really contribute to a room that is crisp, sharp, and inviting at the same time.
So, are there any special requirements for working with white granite? As far as working with and caring for granite that is white, it is much like any other granite. The same standard information applies to white, but we will highlight some of the basics here.
Cutting white granite takes a diamond blade made for hard materials. It also requires a matching cartridge glue. It may seem like any white glue will suffice, but there are a number of shades of white adhesive. We have many solutions when it comes to white
glue for granite countertops. As a result, we have placed some of our white glue on this page below.
As we have discussed, there are some great reasons why white granite is such a desirable choice for kitchen countertops. The fact it can used in so many design styles is only a general reason for its power. Knowing the reasons why though, can be helpful in a number of situations.
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