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SeamPro Color Matching Application

Making your job easier is our goal. We have added this color matching application to the website to help you determine which SeamPro stone glue you need for a variety of stone manufacturers. There a couple of way s to use the application:

  • Use it to find the SeamPro color that matches a specific stone manufacturer's color.
  • Use the application to find all the stones that match a color you would like to use.

For Finding a SeamPro color: Select a manufacturer from the dropdown list and locate the stone color you are seeking to match. This method will allow you to identify the proper SeamPro color for the selected stone.

For Finding all stones that match a SeamPro color: Leave the manufacturer dropdown unselected and type the SeamPro color number in the search field. This will show you all the stone your searched color will match.

Color Matching Application

On the right of each of each color you will see a line representing the translucency of the color.

Manufacturer Manufacturer's Color Manufacturer's Number SeamPro Color Sample
{{ x.manufacturer_name }} {{ x.manufacturer_color }} {{ x.manufacturer_number }} {{ x.glueboss_color }} ({{ x.seampro_number }})