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Stop Working Against Your Glue

Many factors contribute the workflow of a fabricator. These factors can make the work easier or harder. Depending on which materials you are bonding, what glue you are using and the way you are dispensing the adhesive, you can fell like you are working against your glue instead of working with it. Continue reading to see how the consistency of the adhesive, the diversity of the products, and the dispensing method of the fabrication glue all work together to make the job of the stone fabricator easier.

The Right Consistency

Dripless Glue for Fabricators

Okay, is everybody ready? Got the clamps ready? You all set? Okay, 1... 2... 3... Go! Getting everyone ready for the bonding process can feel like you are the coach of a glue racing team. Not only is this method of gluing stone inefficient, but it can make the process feel more hectic. Not to mention that one of your goals is to eliminate as much waste as you can. Losing the "glue race" can have you staring at a mess on the floor instead of a nice bead of glue on the stone.

Are you having glue races in your shop? It can feel like it if your bonding adhesive is too thin for vertical bonding. Our adhesive products are designed to give you the advantage of working at your own pace - not the glue's. One of the ways this is accomplished is by having a glue that stays where you put it and not dripping to the floor as you try to get the rest of the bead run. GlueBoss's dripless adhesives allow seasoned fabricators the opportunity to apply adhesive to not only horizontal surfaces, but also vertical ones. Because of its consistency and dripless nature, the glue does not "race" to the ground or force you to "race" through the application.

Bonding Wet Stone

Glue For Wet Stone

The consistency of the adhesive is not the only factor we considered while designing an adhesive system to make the life of the fabricator easier. Have you found yourself working intensely as you try to speed up the drying of the stone so you can bond it? Flaming, or waiting for the stone to dry is another case of your glue working against you. Having a stone adhesive that will allow you to bond it to wet surfaces can make the work of the fabricator much easier. By using BondBond adhesion promoter with GlueBoss stone adhesive, the glue works with you not against you and not only allows you to bond wet stone, but will also allow you to bond a variety surfaces.

Use StoneBond & BondBond products together to bond the following materials:

  • Natural Stone
  • Engineered Stone
  • Quartz Products
  • Granite Products
  • Porcelain
  • Sintered Stone
  • Glass

Supplied in Cartridges

The way the glue is supplied also contributes to the ease of use. Mixing your glue and putting it in a dispenser results in waste. Our glue dispensing cartridges and mixing nozzles and tips give the fabricator the ability to cut on waste. No more half empty tubes of cure adhesive lying around. The glue is mixed in the nozzle at the right ratio and makes refills a breeze.